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After production on Wilfred Season 2 wrapped, David Zuckerman (Wilfred Executive Producer, Writer) sat in his office with two microphones and a laptop and invited his pal Randall Einhorn (Wilfred Executive Producer, Director) to come watch their favorite episodes from Season 2, and record their sessions for what we call the “Wilfred Producer’s Podcasts”. The result is an exclusive look not only into David’s explanation of the creative architecture behind writing for Wilfred, but a technical breakdown of how Randall achieves the signature look that defines this show. Each podcast is meant to play simultaneously with its episode, like an audio commentary track. They’re completely free and the first two episodes are now available on iTunes! Go download them right now and check below for some quick instructions on how to sync your podcast with the episode:

Queue up the episode

This is why your DVR is such a handy thing. Get the episode playing and then PAUSE it right before the main “Wilfred” title appears. This ensures that when you’re prompted to hit play, your commentary will be in sync. If you’re without a DVR, you can always find these episodes in the iTunes store or on a richer friend’s DVR.

Play the podcast

There is a short introduction with David and Randall at the beginning of each podcast, after which you will hear a beeping tone. This tone is your cue to unpause the video, here comes the Wilfred title and presto, you’re in sync! David even announces what is on the screen at the beginning to make sure you’re in the right place.

Commercial Breaks

When a commercial break is coming up, David or Randall will hop on and remind you to pause the podcast mp3, and then hit play again when the commercial break is over to resume commentary. Simple as that.


If you’re worried about maintaining your sync, don’t. While the conversation between David and Randall is best enjoyed alongside the episode, they keep their talking points broad enough that you won’t miss anything from being a few seconds off. You’ll only have to hit pause three times per podcast, and if you’ve downloaded these episodes from iTunes you won’t have to hit pause at all since the commercials have been taken out!

Please leave comments below about what you think of David’s experiment with providing this brand new exclusive web content for Wilfred fans, and what your experience was like while watching these commentaries in action. We’ll be releasing two more commentaries next week, and after that it’s up to you guys to ensure we do more. Subscribe to the iTunes feed here, and show your support by spreading that link to your favorite message boards, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc! If these get popular enough, we might even be able to talk David into doing some Season 1 episodes. It’s up to you, Wilfred fans!

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