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Hello again Wilfred fans!

Well, we aren’t even a week into filming our final season and things are already heating up on set. You know we aren’t into spoilers on this blog, so let’s just say that we’ve gone through a bevy of…personal pleasure devices this week…all in pursuit of giving you pleasure…in June…when we premiere Season 4…on FXX.

Okaaaaay…this is getting awkward, so I’ll sign off for now, but not before giving you some important links…

Got questions for the cast? Send them to @WilfredTV and check us out on Facebook.

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Well, folks, I hope you watched the season finale before coming here because the following video really lifts the veil on the horrible, deadly tumble Ryan’s father took. After watching this, I hope you all have a new appreciation for stuntmen. And stairs.

That guy was a great sport. He had so many amazing stories about life as a stuntman. He also had an impressive addiction to pain medication. Oddly I don’t think the two things are related…

So Wilfred fans, that about wraps us up for Season 3. I’d like to personally thank the internet for providing a home for these videos and all 3 of you for reading these posts. Feel free to load this blog up with comments during the off-season. Also feel free to get crazy high and re-watch Season 3 looking for easter eggs. I’m sure you missed a few of them considering how high you were the first time you watched.

Thanks for tuning in/DVR-ing/watching the show in any way possible other than illegally downloading it!


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That’s right people, it must be season finale time if they’re blasting you in the faceholes with this kinda sweet action in the teaser. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Quick! Catch up!!

Okay, so maybe there wasn’t actually tongue in that kiss, but it still looked pretty passionate, some might even say steamy. And hey, if that’s what you see in the trailer, who knows how long that make-out sesh lasts? Word on the street is that Jenna kisses Ryan before the first commercial break and they spend the rest of the episode on Ryan’s couch trying to get Jenna’s bra off. Apparently it’s a whole new direction for the show. Perhaps there’s going to be an adults only version of the show produced exclusively for Cinemax After Dark.

Now this is the point in the blog where I generally point you to a short sketch illuminating some aspect of the behind the scenes life of Wilfred. This week is different, however, and not because I got too drunk to remember how to upload a video. No, there isn’t a video before this episode because it would spoil the most massive event to ever occur in the history of Wilfred ever! And after spending the whole season carefully avoiding spoilers, what kind of jerk would I be if I violated the trust of the 3 people that read this blog on a semi-regular basis? A stupid jerk. That’s what kind.

Don’t fret though. After the finale airs, there will be a video posted taking a deeper look into the most massive event to ever occur in the history of Wilfred ever! Please come back and take a look at it. In the meantime, here’s a few of our favorite videos from this season. Spend the rest of your day watching these and preparing to have the your minds blown by the Season 3 Finale!

Tonight! 10PM!! Only on FX!!!

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What up, Wilfred fans?!?  I’m not sure if you’ve been counting, but this week’s episode is number twelve, which means that including tonight’s episode, just two remain for the season. Before you grab your stash and curl into a fetal position with plans to smoke and weep and smoke some more until next season, take solace in knowing that these last two episodes are going to alter the landscape of the show forever. Now the three of you that regularly read this blog know I’m not about to spoil a single microscopic plot point, but I will say that Ryan can definitely take a punch. I didn’t spoil that moment, this teaser did…

Now, that baseball bat may or may not come into play throughout tonight’s episode, but again, no spoilers here. So you’ll just have to tune in to see if Ryan does or does not smash something to bits with that bat in a uncontrolled rage the likes of which have never been seen before on television. That rage may or may not be fueled by a deep addiction to steroids that Ryan may or may not have been hiding from Wilfred since the beginning of their relationship, and Miley Cyrus may or may not have a twerking cameo wherein Wilfred gets his nose stuck in her flesh colored thong.

While you’re pondering which of these things will or will not happen, take a minute to watch Elijah’s latest response to a fan question submitted via Twitter.

A female Wilfred?!?! Could that be the big event to which I have been referring?!?! Don’t worry, you’ll find out…

Tonight! 10PM!! Only on FX!!!

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We’ve all seen it before, a close friend driven to the end of their sanity over a passionate love affair.  It’s a tale as old as time, and from the looks of this teaser, Wilfred is in for it in a major way.  Shit, as they say, is about to go down…

I’m sure it’s comforting for many of you out there in the non-comment-leaving blogosphere to see that you weren’t the only lovesick fool to pull the old Say Anything boombox routine.  I know it made me feel better to see Wilfred hit that desperate of a low.  Maybe now Suzy Latham will finally understand the heartfelt pain I was feeling when I stood under her window…

…but enough about the embarrassing week I had, this blog is about you and your needs.  Fortunately, the cast of Wilfred is kind enough to answer your burning questions (as long at they’re submitted to our Twitter feed, @WilfredTV).  Here’s their latest response.  It just goes to show how generous (and modest) of a team they really are.

Okay people, you’ve got plenty of time before tonight’s episode to reach out to your long-lost love or loves, depending on how discerning or desperate you may be.  Just make sure you’ve finished all those tearful phone calls before…

Tonight! 10PM!! Only on FX!!!

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Welcome back, Wilfred fans.  Hope the whole Christmas episode in the middle of August didn’t throw you off too much.  I just climbed down from my roof and that plastic Santa isn’t coming down until April 2014.  No worries though, this week’s episode is holiday free, as you can see in this trailer.

Now, if you’re a fan of the show (And I can only assume you are if you’re reading this.  By the way, if you are a fan, why not leave a comment? I dunno, something like, “Way to blog!” or “Do you actually get paid to do this?”), then you know anytime Dwight Yoakam shows up, things are going to get nuts.  Speaking of nuts (see what I did there?), Wilfred’s are in trouble this week. The show may just umm…shed two important supporting characters…you’ll just have to turn in to see how the ole “snip-snip” shakes down.

While you stew about the fate of Wilfred’s man-bits, take a moment to check out this little behind-the-scenes morsel.  Kristen has had a lot of baby time this season, and Dorian Brown has a few things to say about that.

The really scary thing about that is he has a twin, so the evil on set was doubled.  Hmm…maybe they need to be neutered…

Now remember folks, if you want the skinny on balls, tune in…


Tonight! 10PM!! Only on FX!!!

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That’s right…  It’s Christmastime, and Ryan’s Dad is back in the picture.  You know what that means?  Well, emotional trauma, deep-seated anxiety, and — yeah — maybe some dick jokes.  Keep a close eye out for that dick joke riiiiiiiiiiight here!

We’re lucky to have none other than Mr. James Remar playing Ryan’s father this season.  He’s a powerful actor with an icy stare that could probably kill most small animals.  I know of only one other pair of magnetic blues that could challenge his gaze.

Naturally, Mr. Remar and Mr. Wood locked horns, and by horns I mean the aforementioned sparkling pools of blue, on set.  It was insanely tense. Production was delayed for three and a half hours. Tears were shed. Luckily the highlights were captured here:

That’s equal parts terrifying and dreamy.  Need to wash your brain clean of those images? Check this little behind the scenes tidbit about how the whole spaceship from last week’s episode came together.

Alright folks, you know the drill…

Wilfred! Tonight!! 10PM!!!  Only on FX!!!!

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Sup sup Wilfred fans? I trust you enjoyed last week’s little mystery. Personally I love who-done-it episodes. Maybe that’s cause my life is full of mysteries. Who are my real parents? Is my belly-button abnormally deep? Why doesn’t anyone leave comments on this blog?

One of my other favorite TV tropes? The therapy episode. Before we go any further, check this promo and really focus on how it makes you feel.

There it is in all its glory: The dark wood, the comfy chair, the authoritative yet comforting baritone of a knowledgable mental health professional. It’s a perfect setup to delve into the mind of TV’s most troubled pot-smoking dogsitter. The only thing that could improve upon this cognitive and comedic cocktail? The perfect guest star to fill the shoes of said mental health professional. What’s that? Lance Reddick of The Wire?!?! Damn straight folks. And I wasn’t the only fanboy of Mr. Reddick on set. Executive Producer Reed Agnew was also pretty psyched. Case in point…

Wow. That guy really hates Sarah Jessica Parker. Anywho folks, I’m gonna go lay down a loop of Mr. Reddick saying “This is bullshit.” over a sick Dubstep track. We have a few hours until…

10PM! Tonight!! Only on FX!!!

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Generally speaking, I’m not a huge fan of it, but when murder leads to an episode as glorious as tonight’s, it’s hard not to be a little thankful for the act. This episode has a lot going for it: elements of Scooby Doo, Rear Window and a special guest star from one of the greatest films ever.  Check out this promo and see if you can spot her…

Can you believe it?!? The role of Margot is being played by none other than Randee Heller!  Mrs. Larusso in The Karate Kid!!  Parts 1 and 3!!!  I don’t know how we landed her, but I’m over the moon. Then again, Wilfred is full of great guest stars: Robin Williams…Mary Steenburgen…Dwight Yoakam…and don’t forget last week’s guest, Kristen Schaal. It should be illegal for someone to be that cute and that funny. And as if that wasn’t enough, she was nice enough to sit down with us for an interview. I wish her co-star was as cute or nice…

Anyone who can hold their own on screen with a Bulldog has some serious chops. Fo real!

Okay, you just have a few hours until showtime. I suggest you spend them practicing your Crane Kicks.

See you at 10PM! Tonight!! Only on FX!!!

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No, that’s not my idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon.  It’s just a few ingredients in the delicious comedy goulash that is tonight’s episode of Wilfred.  Don’t believe me? Check this out real quick.

See? I wasn’t just randomly blasting attention-getting words into the title of this post.  Tonight’s episode is full of some mysterious (What’s that book all about??), celebratory (I bet Jenna’s gonna have the cutest. Birthday. Party. Ever.) and arousing (The shock collar. Come on. It could be arousing to a certain type of person. Am I alone on this?? You know what? Nevermind. Now you’ve made it weird. Who are you to judge me anyway? Just watch this video.)

Whew, nothing like a sweet behind-the-scenes video to save you from an awkward conversation where you may or may not have revealed to your readers that you have an unhealthy fascination with shock collars. Glad we’ve all forgotten about that. Oh shit. I just brought it up again. Uhhhhhh…video!

Well, after all those videos, I can’t possibly remember what we were talking about.  It’s probably best not to even try. We should all just focus on one thing…

Wilfred! Tonight!! 10PM!!!

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