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“I want you to be happy. It’s my dog goddamn job!”

And just like that, our journey with Wilfred has come to the end.

We’ve tossed the final ball with him…

We’ve taken our last fat rip from the bong with him…

We’ve crapped in our last boot with him.

It sure was nice to see Ryan find some answers to his nagging questions, and to see Kristin finally find her happiness, and to see Wilfred decapitate both a squirrel and a bird. Boyz II Men had it right when they said, “It’s so hard. To say goodbye. To yesterdaaaaaaaaaaaayeeeeeeeeeeeyyyeeeeee.” And to say goodbye, we give you a deeper look into the dog that played Wilfred. Cause hey, wasn’t the internet made for dog videos?


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“Don’t you see? This proves it. Now we know for sure. I am a god.”

Well, well, well, I thought last week’s episode had an amazing ending, what with the de-armination of Wilfred, but this week really popped off my dome. Not only did Wilfred get hit with the big “C,” but we’ve come full circle back to Wilfred possibly being the big “G.” It’s almost as if when Wilfred loses physical bits, he gains in some spiritual way…. That’s some graduate-level philosophical shit right there. Wilfred is a perfect combination of existential wanderings and doggie dick jokes.

It is inspiring to see Wilfred maintaining such a positive outlook even in the face of his mortality. (Using his impending death to get out of Bear’s High School reunion? Classic.) Fortunately, we got a little behind-the-scenes look into that fateful arm moment which has led to the aforementioned big “C” discovery, Ryan and Jenna’s ultimate kiss/”I love you,” and Wilfred’s deity declaration…

Funny how that moment changed everything…


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“I’m a three-legged dog, dude!!!”

“Ho. Lee. Shit.” and “Is Ryan having a terrible nightmare?!?” and “I have to rewind that!” were all reactions I had to the startling ending of last week’s episode. There we were, in a nice, normal episode of Wilfred complete with Kristen flipping her mom the bird, Wilfred posting dick pics and a wonderfully drunk Dr. Cahill when WHAM! a set of errantly thrown keys leads to the blood fountain that was once Wilfred’s leg — or arm. I’m not well-versed in dog anatomy.

It all makes me long for the mysteries of the Flock of the Grey Shepherd…but then again, maybe those mysteries are pointless and the lesson from last week’s episode is that life is fleeting and fragile and we just need to enjoy whatever moments of happiness we have on this cold, hard rock we call Earth. I don’t know the answer, but I do know that guest star John Michael Higgins is a fantastically out of control drunk and we managed to get a bit of his antics (aside from that amazing faceplant he took on Ryan’s back porch) caught on tape.

Behold, his magnificent inebriated self:

Ahhh…there’s just something about the simplicity of a sloppily drunk man to make things seem alright. Maybe we will all feel a little more secure after we see how Wilfred handles his newly-found three leggedness…



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Unlike that trickster god, when I promise something, I deliver. Here is that special look into a special moment between Ryan and Kristen. These two actors are willing to do anything to get into character.

Maybe I’m a simpleton, but there’s nothing quite like a good string of explicatives to put a smile on my face.

See you next week!!

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“For the last time, I’m not a trickster God trying to ruin your life. I’m not Krungel. There is no Krungel!”

Or is there…?!?!?!

Just when I thought we were putting the whole duality of a deity to bed, Bruce pops up looking like a cross between Michael Myers and one of those serial killers in a mask from The Following. I’m not easily scared, but I’ve definitely been having some Billy Baldwin nightmares since last week’s episode.

Fortunately, even if the mystery of Mataman/Krungel hasn’t been solved, we did learn a few very important things last week: Ryan prefers Ikes over Mikes, Wilfred LOVES binoculars, and Henry Newman (may he rest in peace) was into black women! The picture is slowly coming into focus…

Now, as the three of you who read this blog know, we don’t do spoilers, so come back after tonight’s episode for an in-depth look into a special moment between Ryan and Kristen from tonight’s episode. In the meantime, check out this trailer with a very drunk Dr. Cahill.

Tune in Tonight! Wednesday! 10PM! Only on FXX (and FX Now)!

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“Stay.  Until I know for sure,” Ryan said as he closed the door, “I’m sorry.”

Whoa…  That is heavy.  For real, Ryan is all alone now.  Kristen hates his guts for ruining Joffrey’s chances at that fancy school.  Jenna hates him, well, because he ruined her marriage and pushed her husband off a cliff…  And now he’s shutting Wilfred out, locking the door on him.  Boom.

I know it hurts– but like they say, ya can have comedy without a little tragedy.  Or, like Mellencamp says, “C’mon baby make it hurt so good.”

Speaking of hurt, here’s a little video about Elijah, Jason, and the rest of the Wilfred crew battling the pitfalls of Southern California’s wilderness:

Ah, forget Mellencamp.  “I Hate Snakes (I Really Really Hate ‘Em)” by Jason Gann will be topping the charts for years to come.


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“What’d ya learn?”
“Nothing we didn’t already know…”

Okay, yeah Ryan is kinda right.  After all of that craziness, we’re back where we started: The Flock of the Grey Shepherd.  Is Wilfred the Dog God called “Mataman,” leading the chosen one to happiness?  Or is he “Krungle,” the trickster demon, indistinguishable from Mataman!  Or is he something else entirely?  Like, a guy in a dog suit, or… just a dog?

Man, that was quite a detour though!  Wilfred takes off his suit, Jenna’s all tough, Ryan trips his face off…  And what about that right-cross roundhouse-kick combo move from Kristen!?  DAMN, right!?

I know, I get it.  It was all a hallucination.  We’ll be back on track tonight, looking for some real answers.  Here’s an idea, let’s all hold our breath and see if we get ‘em?

Meantime, this is a video with the guy who played one of the doctors in the last episode:

Yikes… It’s hard out there for working actors, huh?  It’s okay buddy, hang in there.

Tune in tonight!  Wilfred!  Wednesdays at 10pm!  Only on FXX!


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“Hopefully you can find the answers you’re looking for…”

Yeah right Lonnie, we’ve heard that one before.  But… What the hell is inside that storage unit!?  Now Ryan has the key, and it looks like there’s only one way to find out.  Hopefully we’ll get some kind of a peek inside tonight!

But hey, remember a couple episodes ago when Wilfred and Ryan got stung by all of those bees, and Elijah Wood’s beautiful baby blues swelled up into something out of my worst nightmares?  Here’s a video on how they did that utterly terrifying effect:

Just… Disgusting.  Those darkened lumpy holes will be in my dreams for years to come.  The only way to wipe that taste off my brain is to grab my cuddle rod and find a quiet spot.  See, Wilfred may be “addicted” to cuddling, but it turns out many of the cast and crew can enjoy such an activity very safely and responsibly:

That’s much better.  So now let’s power off those cuddle rods, save the batteries, because episode 4 is about to start.


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“You stole my bag,” said Ryan.
“That’s right,” replied the voice, “and I’ll do a lot worse if you ever come up here again.  Tell your dad’s partner that the price just doubled. Ten thousand. That bitch’ll know what I’m talking about.”

Whaaat the…  Oh Man.  We’re two episodes deep and this world just twist-turned upside down.  It’s all dark and pulpy, but with a handful of doggy dick jokes… I am enjoying the hell out of it.

So let’s see if I can recap:  Ryan’s dad is dead again.  Drew fell off a cliff, went back to Colorado, and Jenna went tumbling after… Leaving Wilfred and Ryan all alone together.

As always, lots of questions!  Here to further dangle the carrot in front of our faces is director Randall Einhorn, in a brief talk about what the deal is in Season 4:

Well, he sure hit the nail on the head– while giving away nothing!  Artists, man.  Cryptic beasts.  For good measure, here’s a little behind-the-scenes piece about Chris Klein['s stunt double] falling off that cliff.

All right — let’s kick back and enjoy Episode 3!

The Final Season Continues Tonight!
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Okay!  Tonight is the NIGHT. The Final Season of Wilfred begins!

When we last left Ryan he was really in over his head…  His dad had just died, his relationship with Jenna was on the rocks, and he had just found a very curious statue somewhere in the woods…  What can I say?  It’s a convoluted tale filled with mystery, intrigue, laughter, deceit, and the joy that can only come from being able to lick your own balls.

In an effort to get to the bottom of things, we went ahead and had Elijah sit down with Fiona to ask those hard hitting questions:

Right… So, he only asked one question– but it was an important one.  You know what? Let’s go ahead and ask Jason Gann a bunch more stuff:

Nice.  Now let’s all just sit back, tune our televisions to FXX, and have some laughs. 

Wilfred’s Season Premiere!  TONIGHT!
Wednesday, June 25th at 10PM, Only on FXX!

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